Slide Solar panels on the roof?
This way you stay out of trouble!
Slide Solar panels on the roof?
This way you stay out of trouble!
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In recent years, practice has shown that birds have discovered your solar panel installation as a habitat. However, not only do birds produce their sounds, but they also like to nestle in the protective environment between your panels and the roof. Here you can read the risks that nesting birds pose:

  • Damage to your solar panels
  • Noise nuisance
  • Dirt from nesting material and bird droppings on the panels and roofs
  • Risk of fire
  • Clogged gutters due to nest waste
  • Reduced power yield due to limited ventilation under the panel


Are you bothered by noises on the roof and/or do you want to keep birds out from under your solar panels? Then we have the solution for you.

The installation of BirdBlocker


Installing the BirdBlocker simultaneously with the installation of your solar panels is not only cheaper but also offers you the assurance that no birds will nest under your panels. That is why we recommend placing the BirdBlocker immediately upon installation of your new panels. A sound idea!



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